Our offer for solar energy

Monetize under-utilised areas

Savings & additional income

Diversify operating income

Reliable production & guaranteed profitability

Achieve ESG objectives

Strong symbol & trackable impact

Installing solar PV allows institutional owners to meet EU regulatory requirements and to produce local & green energy

Photovoltaic self-consumption

Your building produces and consumes its energy

Unused electricity is sold to generate revenue

Improve environmental credentials & obtain green label for your buildings

Property of the plants is transferred after 10 years for free

Consume your production, control your costs & increase income

solar panel
solar panel

Full sale & carry contract

You have low energy needs and you have unused areas over your roof

You wish to favor the sale of your solar production at a long-term fixed price

Injected into the network, it is consumed by the neighbourhood and promotes green energy mix

You wish to deploy capital, we assure you an attractive & guaranteed return

Sell the energy produced by your solar panels & ensure a guaranteed return

Carb0n offer

solar panel warehouses

Solar PV for roof

Designed for commercial assets with unoccupied roofs

Compliant with EU regulations

Adaptable to waterproofing complexes

Solar canopy over car parks

Enhance your parking areas by shading to occupiers & visitors

Reduce your car park expenses and host charging stations

Communicate on your green energy production strategy

photovoltaic shadehouse
photovoltaic roof

Solar panel installation on pitched roof

An ideal solution to equip an existing building

Your unused surfaces are valued

Fixing without drilling for a preserved seal